Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Made it to Queensland

Leaving Cobar this morning was difficult because this was where Phil (my husband) and I had to part company. He headed south back to Melbourne to return to work on Monday and I continued to head north. He came around and waved me goodbye in the air, which was a perfect send off.

We maitained radio contact for a while, but after a few crackly transmissions as we flew away in our separate directions, it was clear that I was on my own for the rest of the trip. I would have loved to do this trip with Phil but this time it was not possible. I'd like to think we will make the trip again together someday.

I landed briefly at Bourke to top up with fuel, then on to Cunnamulla, crossing the Queensland border on the way. It is getting much warmer up here. I'm now flying in just a t-shirt and need to keep up the sunblock. It is almost unbearable on the ground with that nice new bubble canopy. I had a camelback malfunction taxiing at Bourke with the hose of the camelback coming off the drinking part because the hose got so hot. It was rather refreshing. Today I was cruising mainly around 4500 feet. I covered about 325km at an average speed of around 70kts (130km/hr).  Here are a few picture highlights from the day.

Phil waving me off before heading back to Melbourne

Bourke, and some of the back of it

The Bourke terminal had some great historical photos of Nancy Bird. This one of her having engine trouble with her brand new Leopard Moth. The British plane struggled in Bourke's heat. Nice flying outfit Nancy!

Crossing the Queensland border - now just need to the other side of the state.

Some good lift in Queensland! - nearly 800 feet per minute (variometer bottom right).

There is even still some green out here - very unusual and very beautiful

Cleaning off the bugs at the end of a good day's flying

Changes in lattitudes, changes in attitudes - a shop in Cunnamulla

The Cunnamulla Fella

Another great day!

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