Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roll Cloud in Warrnambool

The cryptic SMS arrived early this morning: "You might be impressed by the photo in today's Hsun pg 15". Something sports related or election/politics related certainly would not fit into any sort of 'impressed" category for me. Nor would the latest drinking and debauchery antics of the sports people of the week. What ever could it be on page 15 of the Herald Sun that would impress me, I wondered?

Page 15 of today's Herald Sun has a magnificent photograph of a roll cloud over Warrnambool, taken by Robin Sharrock. It is quite spectacular, and yes, it did indeed impress me. Here it is:
Page 15 of 10/09/2010 Herald Sun, photo by Robin Sharrock

Although Warrnambool is significantly closer than Burketown, it just would't be the same. Might also end up waiting a long time to see another one there.

I was also glad to be able to find out about Fatso the wombat and read about an overweight orang-utan. Gotta love the Hsun ;)

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