Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rest Day in Charleville

Stayed an extra day in Charleville today. It was very foggy this morning so an early departure was out of the question and there were thunderstorms forecast towards Longreach. I've also been doing battle with a bit of a cold so hopefully the extra rest will help me see the back of it.

I wandered down by the river for a bit of a walk. There were lots of interesting footprints down there. I was strolling along quite nonchalantly until I saw one that I thought could have been a croc footprint. Didn't think there were crocs this far south, but wasn't about to stick around and find out (I asked later, there are no crocs here, but there have been some brown snakes around).

Last night's observatory tour was cancelled due to clouds. I still wanted to check out the observatory/visitor information centre. They had a few displays and a presentation which were quite good, particularly the meteorites, of which they have several samples which they let you handle. I also went and had a look at the bilbys. The 'Save the Bilby' people have a base here. There is an enclosure with a bunch of bilbys hopping around - they're so cute. The 'Bilby Brothers' were featured on Australian Story a few years ago. Quite an amazing story how 2 guys effectively saved this little creature from extinction.

I also caught up with a couple of glider pilots on their way back home to Narrabri/Lake Keepit from from Burketown. They didn't get any Morning Glory this year, but they have been up there before a few times and have caught the Morning Glory on previous occasions. It was great to speak to them about catching the glory wave and get their tips and tricks as well as their advice on what to avoid to stay safe.

Having trouble loading photos tonight. So not sure if they will appear.

Foggy morning in Charleville

Down by the river - lots of birds and evidence of other creatures

Not sure what made this, the track had this 'two footprint together' every 1/2 a metre or so

It think thisis a wallaby

Thought this could have been a nasty one

Checked on the glider. The cabin temperature with the canopy closed went through 60 and was still going up before the LCD screen went out. this photo was taken as it was coming back down.

Storms brewing on the horizon towards Longreach

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