Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Burketown – Day 2: Breakfast at Adels Grove

Another day in this tropical paradise.  The 4am start was a bit easier this morning.  Managed to avoid stepping a cane toad once again. The hideous things are everywhere, there are hundreds of them at that time. Also startled a kangaroo this morning. 
Erich accompanied me on today’s flight. Erich is a bit of an expert when it comes to all things flying. He’s a whizz with engine management and I hoped I could pick up a few tips from him about getting a bit more speed out of the Falke, which might be handy for the trip back. He didn’t let me down.
I remembered the spot today, so the trip should be on the tracking link. Apparently it looks like I landed in the middle of nowhere, so you need to get in close with the satellite view to see that there is an airstrip there.
After flying out to the coast to confirm suspicions that there would be no Morning Glory this morning, we decided to head south to Adels Grove for breakfast. Adels Grove is about 150km south west from here. They have accommodation, fuel, food, etc . They get alot of ‘grey nomad’ travellers touring the outback, backpackers from around the world and of course, a few flying people. It’s a beautiful spot close to a ridgeline with 1000 feet cliffs that rise out of the flat scrubland around there.  There is also a river that runs that way which is the most beautiful shade of blue. It really was like a little oasis.
We got back to Burketown and as today is Monday, it was my first opportunity to get a few supplies for myself. I’ve been very well looked after by the crew from Byron Bay. There are about a dozen glider pilots here so it kind of feels like a gliding camp, with everyone sharing food, drink, knowledge and stories. It’s a great atmosphere.  
So with 3 hours flying, breakfast, a wander around a lagoon and some shopping, all before lunchtime, I thought spending the afternoon in the shady part of the pool with my novel was about all I had the energy to do.  
Now, how many of you just called me something that rhymes with ‘rich’?hehehe ;)
Eeeewww - cane toad

Sunrise at 1000 feet - magic

Erich and I searching for Morning Glory. Notice the 'miner's lamp' on my head used to do the daily inpsection in the dark

Some eroded hills popping out of the flats

Landscape near Adels Grove. Notice the deep blue of this beautiful river

Adels Grove airstrip. Straight into wind.

Time for breakfast

So much for political correctness

The beautiful lagoon at Adels Grove

The water was so clear you could see the fish

The Falke at Adels Grove

Cruising along the rock cliff


  1. Oh Dear. Seems the boys have shown you most of the sights already and many days to go. I assume you have already walked to the Bore. You'v seen the Meat Works, the Cemetary and the Pier. The Guys really should have told you about pacing yourself. There are only so many sights to see. Best to stick to one a day or else you run out real fast. My other half knows all about that. Looks like ytou still have the race course and the falls to go so that will take up a couple of days. Cheers. Nige. P.S. Don't give Wussell an inch on anything and tell him I said so. Same for Rob.

  2. Hi Nigel, did the bore today. Also checked out the new bridge. Saw some brolgas and some bulls/cows. I think that might be it for the sights. Might just have to sit by the pool with a good book ;)