Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundays in the Outback

I had the feeling I’d be getting some strong headwinds at some point on the trip. Let’s hope today is as bad as it gets for the rest of the trip. I’m now more than half way on the return trip, I’m starting to get excited about getting home. I crossed the QLD/NSW border today and I’m now in Bourke. I’m not really sure what time it is here. I think I might have lost an hour crossing the border. There is no carpet in my room so I can’t tell if the daylight savings has faded it  ; )
It doesn’t really matter – everything is closed today anyway. Sunday in outback towns is like stepping into another dimension – The streets and buildings are there but there are no people and no cars. Kind of like a Spielberg movie – everything is deserted but there are faint signs of habitation. This concept is mildly compelling in a big city, but in an outback town, it’s not great – especially if you’re looking for a meal.  It’s not only on Sundays either – Saturday afternoons are much the same, as I was reminded of only yesterday. The only place in town that was open was Crazy Clark’s, which is like the Reject Shop or  the $2 shop. I didn’t really feel like having out of date lollies for lunch but as it was nearing 3pm, I was getting pretty desperate. To my surprise and relief – CC’s had a variety of tinned food that even looked like it was produced in the right decade.  I ended up lunching on a salad of kidney beans, corn and lemon pepper smoked tuna – all for under $4 - including the container I bought to mix it in. Bargain! Must be something in the water up here (maybe it’s the sulphur?)  that brings out the resourcefulness in you.
No tinned food or muesli bars for dinner tonight - my thoughtful hosts at the Back O Bourke accommodation (no kidding!) picked me up from the airport, lent me a car so I can have a look around town (it was deserted) and made me a nice home cooked meal.  Got to love Sundays in the outback!

Getting ready to go at Charleville (also deserted)

'En Route' cam. Finally worked it out and remembered to turn it on!

Au revoir, cane toads and toilet frogs

Near the QLD/NSW border

<insert sound of crickets and tumbleweeds rolling past>

 Striking artwork on the side of the supermarket.

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