Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Burketown Day 9 - Sleeping In

We all decided to sleep in today. How’s that for taking a chance! I think the thought of the Morning Glory coming through woke me up at the usual  4am. All was quiet, no wind so I went back to sleep. Hmmm, it was so nice. I love sleep.
The day went by pretty fast with 4 hours less. Lunchtime came around pretty quick – just managed to squeeze in a short flight in some strong thermals (and heavy sink) before it was time to start getting ready. I’ve actually ½ packed the glider already with the tent, sleeping bag and a few other bits and pieces so I’m a bit quicker getting going. We had all decided that we would head off tomorrow, but a more detailed look at the weather maps this evening showed a chance of MG on Wednesday morning. They also showed that the weather will deteriorate along all of our routes back home on Thursday so might as well leave a bit later as things are meant to clear up on  Saturday and Sunday which will make the trip back more pleasant.  A few people are still planning on going so it would be great to see them off in something memorable.  FLK has been nominated to do the ‘sniffer flight’ tomorrow. That means it goes first and radios back to everyone what is happening, if there is any lift or MG looking clouds on the horizon.  So no sleeping in tomorrow – I need to get my stuff out of the plane. Once again, laziness would have paid off. Damn.
I hear the 21st anniversary of the first time gliders flew on the MG was on October 13th (or was it the 14th?) They got it last year for the 20th anniversary, so maybe that will also put the odds in our favour.
The 'Dial a Glory' phone keeps loosing reception.

The Falke is big enough to nap in - when my luggage is not in there, that is. Must remember that.

John flew all the way from Tasmania in a Falke just like the one I'm flying. He's heading off tomorrow. Just one of the generous and knowledgeable people I've made friends with here in Burketown.

Burketown sunset.

Falke waiting patiently for Morning Glory

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  1. Diane, this is sooooo amazing! I'm just thrilled for you. You deserve this. Good for you for taking this on. It's been amazing to follow your journey from Canada.

    Nathalie xo