Morning Glory Cloud

Morning Glory Cloud
Morning Glory over Massacre Inlet (photo: Diane Davey)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Burketown Day 3 - Sweers Island

Another day in paradise today. Another early start and still no Morning Glory. There was a bit of a sniff of one just to tease us so maybe tomorrow. We decided to go to Sweers Island for breakfast. I turned the spot tracker off when we landed back at Burketown to fuel up, but I've been told it did not record the last bit - the bit where we landed at Burketown, so it was showing me in on a salt flat or something. Sincere apologies to anyone who was concerned for my safety. Remember that the spot is not 100% reliable. I carry emergency equipment including a sattelite phone and an emergency locator beacon in case I have to land somewhere unexpected. All the pilots here are in regular radio contact and we do look after each other.

What comes to mind when you think of a tropical paradise - clear blue water, palm trees, a warm breeze, the smell of salt water,.... That's pretty much what Sweers is like. It's even better than that because it's not full of tourists because it's so remote. Lyn and Rex are the best hosts too - when 5 motor gliders turned up this morning, they gratiously provided breakfast for us. We loved it there so much we stayed for lunch. Best fish I've ever had in Australia!

Getting ready to take off in the early morning.

Something was happening - some lift in the still dawn air (vario in bottom right reading 4 kts up)

Refueled and getting ready to go to Sweers

Sweers Island - tropical paradise

The island is popular with fishermen too

Dipping my toes in the Gulf of Carpenteria - top of Australia

Getting interviewed by fellow Canadian Keryn ... from ABC radio. Who would have thought a phone interview could be so engaging!  

Lyn and I

Lyn has set up the cutest little fairy garden you can imagine.

Sweers Island up close. Note the end of the airstrip on the top right.

Russell White in his Grob looking stunning againt the Gulf

Heading back to Burketown, after taking the scenic route along the coast. Hopefully the weather brings us some Glory Clouds tomorrow. Looks stunning regardless.

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